Pine Lake California!

Awesome place! We took the dogs, kids and enjoyed the boating, BBQing and so much incredible nature! There is such a diversity of people in the campgrounds but everyone whos own's a spot there seem to get along wonderfully.

Some neighbors vacationing at their place stopped by, had cocktails, played card games, the dogs played together and it was so laid back and chill! Out of all the lots they are completely sold-out and used only for vacationing which makes it a really nice get away spot.

The weather was pretty warm but not bad considering most the time you're on the lake, which even the pup had her life jacket and swan around with all of us after a potty trip to the shore for her. Also were she encountered Canadian Geese .. lol.. and then ran back to her Dad!

Yes I did some attempted barefoot skiing, weight boarding and I guess the kids call it surfing, and had the pleasure of face plants, unexpected water in places you never dreamed it could go! Lol.. but I had a blast. The couch raft was my favorite, I think my sister thought I'd lost my mind! Getting over a fractured L5 yet I'm down for this kind of fun and thrashing any day!

Good family, good friends and good fun... Life is good!


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