These descriptions are to help you understand more of the aspects listed and what to expect. It is to help you understand and become familiar with more of an in-depth explanation, various and extensive subjects of BDSM and domination. 

Mistress Omega

Defination of Aspects

• CBT 
• Devious Devices 
• Chastity Training 
• Nipple Play
• Worship & Adoration
• Trampling 
• Predicament & Inescapable Bondage 
• Corporal Punishment and Discipline
• Strike Play
• Domestic Training
• Sensory Deprivation
• Humiliation 
• Forced Feminization 
• Medical Scenario's 
• Tickle torture
• Equestrian/Pony Play 
• Role play, psychodrama, 
• Piercings  Staples, Sutures, Saline Inflation, Injections, Branding, Cutting, Tattooing 
• Asphyxiation (Smothering, Sleepers, Forced Inhalation, Breath Control) 

• Smoking Fetishes- (Human Ashtray, Forced Inhalation, Cigarette Torment)

 Contracted Simulated Abductions






Let's Work Together

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