Session information for Mistress Omega and Mistress Nicole 

Sessions require a pre deposit regardless if you have seen me before or not. Deposits are accepted through Zelle or Venmo. Deposits are required a minimum of 4 days prior to session date unless otherwise discussed.

My sessions are conducted in a local Dungeon or outcall only locally. IF you are looking for outcall Domination there is a $100.00 required, deposit for the studio. Its mandatory to fill out my reservation form on my site and allow 2 days to arrange a Session, No exceptions.

If you dare to step inside My world,  having an interest in a few of these things will be a good start.

My interests include but are not limited to:
• CBT (kicking/weight stretching/crushing/bondage/ flogging/electro-play/violet wand)
• Devious devices (pinned sheaths/sounds/electrical devices/claws)
• Chastity training (short or long term)
• Nipple torment (clamps/ clothes pins/weights /play piercings)
Worship & Adoration (Feet, Legs, Armpits, Hands, Stockings, Pantyhose, Leather, Rubber, Fur, Boots, Shoes
• Trampling (spike heels, bare feet, stocking feet, boots)
• Intricate & inescapable bondage (rope/saran wrap/ tape/leather/ chain restraints)
• Corporal punishment and discipline
• Strike play -single tail/bullwhips/braided/multi-tail/leather/whips/caning/wood paddles etc
• Domestic training (pedicures/ cleaning/ old fashion over the knee spankings/ hair pulling)
• Sensory deprivation and overload (gags/oral devices/ blindfolds/ hoods/ body bags/mummification)
• Humiliation (spitting/ slapping/verbal Abuse/human furniture/punching bag, physical & emotional,    d
ehumanization, objectification )
• Forced feminization (sissy and maid training/cross dressing/public outings)
• Medical exploration- Full medical supplies and equipment
• Tickle torture
• Equestrian /pony training/ dog/ puppy training
• Role play, psychodrama, prisoner, interrogation, abduction, hostage, kidnapping fantasies

• Piercings (play and permanent), Staples, Sutures, Saline Inflation, Injections, Branding, Cutting, Tattooing 
• Asphyxiation (Smothering, Strangulation, Forced Inhalation, Breath Control, etc) 

• Smoking Fetishes-Human Ashtray Training, Forced Inhalation, Cigarette Torture/Burning, Voyeurism

• Worship & Adoration (Feet, Legs, Armpits, Hands, Stockings, Pantyhose, Leather, Rubber, Fur, Boots, Shoes

• Forced Sissification /Feminization /Emasculation/Dehumanization

Sexual services

In person training sessions based on continual play.

Ventura County, California:

session 1 hour  - $500 hourly 

session 2 hours - $900 hourly 

session 4 hours   $1500.00

session 8 hours   $3,400.00    intermittent play, menial tasks, errands. May include public outing's

session 12 hours $6000.00     hours depending on the activities, extended play, preparations needed, etc. 

session 24 hours $9,200.00    extended play, preparations needed, etc. (6 hours sleep allowed in session) 

session 48 hours $18,000.00  extended play, preparations needed, etc. (6 hours sleep allowed in session) 


I do out-call training appointments in Ventura County and within a 30 miles radius.  Hourly tributes vary $600 +

For private travel to you call me directly or submit a reservation form.

Fly Me To You.

Please contact me before booking any flights to assure availability! 

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